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Here at Greenbank Services Club we understand the importance of environmental impact, not only now but for future generations. We have implemented a number of practices throughout the Club to promote sustainability.


In 2013 the Club installed a Power Factor Optimisation Unit, and it has been fantastic in power efficiency and usage control. Our PF (Power Factor) Rating is 0.99. A PF of 1.0 measn the load is using 100% of the power, which is very efficient! 


Pulpmaster gives Greenbank Services Club the opportunity to be a part of an environmental initiative that has numerous benefits no matter where you are in Australia. The stats below show environmental savings and benefits when diverting organic waste through the Pulpmaster. 

JJ Richards Stats as of 8th July 2024


Since 2013, Greenbank Services Club has reduced its kWh usage by close to 50% with electricity bills in 2024 reflecting a 48% reduction in cost to what was expensed in 2011 and a 25% reduction in electricity usage from 360,000kWh per month to 270,000kWh per month. Efficiency has come from Air Conditioning equipment improvements and efficiency as well as converting the whole Club across to LED lighting.  



We refreshed our staff uniforms during the 2024 Club Redevelopment including the new green aprons worn by the Gardens Steak & Seafood and (soon to be) Marketplace staff. The aprons are from The Modern Uniform's Concious Collection and are made with 4 recycled bottles!


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